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It all started when…

Tim convinced Max (more on them below) to quit the day job and start developing trips around Sri Lanka. Luckily Max knew a bit about the place so did a decent job of it and, after much name-choosing angst, Trip & Tonic was born.

From those T&T roots, seeing the very best of the island's small hotels and villas, Tonic Lanka emerged in 2015.

What we do

We work with some of the loveliest hotels and villas around the island and champion those as best we can.

We know that most people visiting Sri Lanka will stay in more than just one place, so we work to match up properties that sit really well together.

We’re keen to have as many people experience these places as possible. Whether that means talking to agents or show-casing the properties to guests booking directly, we’re happy so long as they’re enjoying the spotlight they deserve.

Our values

We’re far from being a directory, listing each and every place we come across.

One Hand-picked

For every property we’ve got on here, there’s another we thought not quite right for us. We’re quite fussy.

Two Value

We’re not fixed on any price criteria. We do ensure every place we promote offers great value in every sense.

Three Boutique Luxury

For us the phrase doesn’t imply soaring price tags. It’s more about charm, personality and great service. All our properties offer those.

Four Unforgettable

Every place we promote has its own character and style – qualities that really set them apart.

The team

Tim Golds

Before establishing TL, Tim spent 10 years promoting some of the very best African safari lodges and camps. He knows what makes good places truly great and has a rare enthusiasm for sharing that understanding.

Max Duddy

Max is our man on the ground on Sri Lanka. He’s spent a good chunk of the last 7 years on the island and works to dig out the very best places for clients and agents alike. Most often on the move around the island he’s best-placed to know what’s hot and why.

David Swannell

David (occasionally Davo) is the financial brains behind the operation – backer, supporter, mentor. Davo has lived in Sri Lanka since 2007 and shares a passion for the island that drives the whole TL machine.

Ailsa Sanders

Now in the UK, Ailsa lived in Sri Lanka from 2009 to 2016. Running her own boutique guesthouse and marketing some of the smartest small hotels she knows better than anyone what appeals and how best to spread the word.

Martin Thebault

Martin, brings some French flair to the company. Young, fun and enthusiastic Martin is in charge of reservations and a friendly voice at the end of the phone or email. He loves getting on his motorbike and exploring Sri Lanka.